Friday, November 3, 2017

Secrets of Creating Successful Ecommerce Website Design

making ecommerce success
Making Ecommerce Website Success

Business owner always question what they can do in order to make their ecommerce website successful.

After putting lots of effort in developing the ecommerce platform, finally they launched the ecommerce store in hoping it will get success.

After launching the ecommerce store, you may start wondering why there’s no sales. Are you struggling to generate more sales in your ecommerce store?

Here are some basic guide for you to understand and get started to improve your ecommerce website.

Product Description

Do you provide a detailed information about the product you are selling? This is very important, because customers who plan to buy the products, they will read through the product description.

Product description are telling the customers what are the features this product has and what functionality does it offer.

Quality images

Are you uploading low-resolution images into your ecommerce website? This is a very bad idea.

Customers visit your website expected to buy quality products, they will have high expectation on what they see on your website.

If you are showing low-quality product images, you are indirectly telling the customers, the product also in low quality.

Product Images

Customers not able to touch the product directly, so if you are putting images of different angle of the product, it helps the customers to visualize how the products look like in real life.

Always make sure you upload the high quality of the product images, this will able to convince the customers the product you sell is very high quality.

It will increase your conversion rate.

Product Reviews

For new customers who never purchase anything from you, may hesitate to buy it from you. If you are putting product reviews from other customers, this will give the customer confidence that your product is in very high quality.

Product reviews able to tell potential customers the existing customers' thought after using your product. If the product reviews are all in positive, you will increase your sales double.

Payment Process

Customers who decided to buy the product will expect to make payment instantly. Are you leading customers to many pages before the payment page?

If customers are frustrated before reaching the payment page, most probably, they will leave abandon your shopping cart. If you are having very high abandon shopping cart rate, you need to study the reason behind.

Website Speed

A lot of business owner will ignore this part. Website speed is very important. If it takes more than 5 seconds to load your website, most probably your customer will leave your website and proceed to your competitor's website.

There are many ways you can do to improve the website speed. Never use old server, optimize your image, optimize your website and etc.

If your website loading speed is very slow, Google will rank you lower compare to other website.

SEO Friendly

Is your wesbite SEO friendly? Did you used SEO friendly theme design? If you count on SEO to help you generate more leads, you need to be sure your ecommerce website design is SEO friendly. Failing doing this will make your website rank lower in google search engine.


Have you ever compare your product price with your competitor? 

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

GST Malaysia Ecommerce

Malaysia government has implemented the GST Tax with tax rate 6%, effective from 1st April 2015. Are you running an ecommerce website or providing services online? GST was implemented and replaced the Sales Tax (10%) and Service Tax (6%).

We believe that all Online Businesses should understand and be aware of the implementation of GST Malaysia.

What is Goods And Services Tax (GST)?
GST is defined as Goods And Services Tax, it is a form of consumption tax, which means, tax was paid when you purchase on goods and services.

Types of Supply
  1. Standard Rated Supply – 6%
Standard Rated supplies are taxable supplies of goods and services which are subject to GST at standard rate. A taxable person who is registered under GST has to collect GST on the supply and is eligible to claim input tax credit on his business inputs in making taxable supplies.
  1. Zero Rated Supply – 0%
Zero Rated supplies are taxable supplies of goods and services which are subject to GST at 0%, which means businesses, do not collect any GST but are entitled to claim credit on inputs used for the business.
  1. Exempt Supply – N/A
Exempt supplies are supplies of goods or services which are not subject to GST. In this context, businesses do not collect any GST on their supplies and are not entitled to claim credit on his business inputs.

What is considered GST chargeable?
GST is only chargeable on any goods and services if it is
  1. A Taxable Supply
A taxable supply means a supply of goods or services fall under category of Standard Rated Supply or Zero Rated Supply. Standard-rated supply is subject to a tax rate of 6%. For Zero-rated supply will be 0% tax rate.
  1. Made in Malaysia
Any supply of Goods and Services MADE IN MALAYSIA are chargeable GST. Services are considered made in Malaysia, if the provider of the services belongs to Malaysia.
  1. Made by Taxable Person
A Taxable Person is a person who is required to be registered under the GST Act. A taxable person is a person who makes taxable supplies in Malaysia and his annual turnover exceeds RM500,000. A person can be defined as an individual, sole proprietor, partnership, corporation, Federal Government, State Government, statutory body, local or public authority, society, club, trade union, co-operative, trustee and any other body, organization, association or group of persons whether corporate or unincorporated.
  1. Made in the course or furtherance of any business
Who is required to register under GST?
You are required to register your company under GST if your annual sales turnover has exceeded RM500,000.

List of Tax Agent
Click here to find out the tax agent list
Click here to download the GST Ecommerce Guide below.


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Choosing The Right Website Design Agency by Egenz com : Malaysia Website Design Services | Web Application Services Kuala Lumpur | Groupon Website | Auction Website | SMS Blast Malaysia | Ecommerce | Internet Marketing | SEO | Online Advertising Services

Choosing the right website design agency is very important to you and your company. You are putting your trust into the agency where they plan, design, develop and manage your project. We have clients have bad experience in choosing the agency. Some was paying much higher than it should and still getting the worst quality of work.

We believe this checklist will be able to help you and your company to choose the right website design agency to handle your project.

1. Experience and Skill

How much experience or skill do they have will determine whether your project able to be completed or not. Having many years experience doesn’t mean they have strong skill. We have clients started their project and ended half way due to inexperience and unskilful agency. A skilful agency will be able to suggest ways to help you to get success in your project instead of fail your project.

2. Portfolio
Always remember request portfolio or projects handle by them previously. Check through
the project they have done previously to make sure they able to perform quality
work. Try to find out what type of project they mostly handled. If you are
developing an ecommerce project, make sure they have relevant experience in
developing such project.

3. Price
Discuss with your agency the billing terms and the price for each job with Quotation
and Invoice. We have clients experience paying a overprice web development. Our
client paying almost RM100,000 for web development, where the agency deliver a
project only worth RM15,000. How much the web development cost, it is always
depends on why type of quality work delivered.

4. Contract Agreement
We have
clients started the project without sign any contract agreement. Contract
agreement is here to protect the client and the agency, where the client pay
and able to get the project delivered as promised within the timeline and the
price signed in the contract agreement. 

5. Support
How well they support you? Do they attend to you when you have any request? How well they
support you during the development, will determine how they support you after
the project completed. Support is important since they developed the project. Maintain
a good relationship with the website design agency will help you to minimize
problem or unseen issues.

We also provide services such as Malaysia Website Design Services, Web Development Services Kuala Lumpur, Groupon Website, Auction Website, Ecommerce, SMS Blast
Malaysia, Internet Marketing, SEO, Online Advertising Malaysia and etc. For
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Friday, October 17, 2014

12 Ways to Improve Your E-Commerce

Everyday, we  are spending more time shopping via internet, and the numbers are growing daily.  In order to be success in selling online, is good if we follow the best practices, your site will convert more customers and generate a lot more profit.

Bad Website Design Practices

There are many unspoken rules we need to follow when creating a great website. Some bad website design practices will make your website go to hell. If we understand what the bad practice is, it will enable us to create a great website and not making this mistake. Bad practice can chase your visitor away; some can decrease your ranking and cannot be found by search engine.

How To Generate Higher Traffic To Your Website

Are you constantly struggle to bringing new visitors to your website? Is your website newly launched? Are you wondering how to get start your marketing to promote your online business? We will illustrate how to generate higher traffic to your website with some basic guide below.

Internet Marketing for Small Business

Internet Marketing is using different method via internet to promote the business. Internet Marketing is having many methods to promote your business via digital. We will list down methods you can use to promote your business.